Four Legged Friends Sitemap breaks neatly into channels and is relatively simple to navigate. If you should get lost within the pages however, you will find a link to this sitemap on every page.



Alaskan Malamute

Dog Pages Introduction
Pups - Infant to Toddler
Death of a Dog
Death of an Owner
Rainbow Bridge
First Aid for Dogs
Growling Dog
Dog Directory

Dog Breeds
Breeds - Alaskan Malamute
Breeds - Bouvier des Flandres
Breeds - Don't Buy a Bouvier!
Breeds - Boxer
Breeds - Dachshund
Breeds - Dalmation
Breeds - Doberman
Breeds - Pug

Dog Training
Becoming Alpha
Pup Training 1

Dog Rescue
Adopt a Dog
Dog Rescue and Shelters UK
Interview at the Dog Pound
A life in chains...


Bengal Cat

Cat Introduction - The Contradictory Cat

Cat Health
What is Catnip?
Death of a Cat
Feline Fury - when good cats attack!

Cat Breeds
Maine Coon Cats - the Gentle Giants
Beautiful Bengals - A Walk on the Wild Side
Scottish Folds - Sweet and Round

Cat Rescue
Cat Training


Andalucian Stallion

Horse Introduction - The Heavenly Horse
Horse Rescue
Horse Rescue UK
Arabian Rescue

Horse Breeds
The Magnificent Arabian
The Morgan - An American original
The Falabella - a big horse in a little package

Horse Riding - lessons for rusty riders
Horse Riding - show some respect!

Animal Rescue

Dog Rescue
Adopt a Dog

Interview at the Pound
A Life in Chains
Dog Rescue UK
Animal Rescue
Horse Rescue
Horse Rescue UK
Rescue an Arabian