Cat Health

Cats are both extraordinarily resilient and very fragile. They can bounce back from illness without a problem or seem to fade before your eyes because of some relatively minor ailment.

The best way to guage your cat's health is to observe your cat. Is she sleeping more than usual, less social, eating more, eating less, is her coat glossy or 'staring', has she lost interest in grooming, is she losing weight?

With the number of serious feline illnesses that my be contracted by your four-legged friend, it is essential that you have you kitten vaccinated.

He or she should also be spayed. Given the number of feral cats and thowaway cats that are dealt with by shelters every year the main reason to spay is obvious. Apart from that thought, an unneutered Tom will 'spray' his overwhelming scent on every corner of your house and yard and an unspayed female will drive you to distraction with her yowling, mewling and ceasless calling for a mate.



Maine Coons Gentle Giants

As well as being very handsome, the Maine Coons are a hardy, low maintenance breed.

Scottish Folds

The Scottish Fold is a very unique and delightful cat with a sweet temperament very similar to the British and are often described as being hardy, good-natured, calm affable, loyal...