Who is Behind Four Legged Friends?

Well, I am. But I am not a vet, not an animal behaviourist nor an animal trainer. I do not breed dogs, cats or horses. I am a mother of two, have a dog - my beloved Boxer Skye, two cats Lili and Jerry, two goldfish and Piolin, the white budgie.

I am a webmaster and seo with my destination portal site focussing on the island where I live. Most of my clients are from there too and except for some pro bono stuff for a local dog charity, my clients are all very commercial.

As anyone who runs both a business and a family will agree juggling both leaves very little time at the end of the day. So why did I bother to start another site? Quite simply, I love animals - all animals. I've had dogs or cats all my life and have recently rekindled my love affair with horses.

Whatever spare time I do have is spent on reading and learning about dogs, cats and horses. My inclination is to develop this site in support of the many rescues and shelters that are devoted to saving our four legged friends; let them tell their own stories and perhaps encourage even one visitor to my website to adopt, donate or volunteer.

In the breed information, you'll find less informaton about perfect show conformation than you might expect . Instead the focus is on the temperament of the dog, cat or horse in question and it's suitability for family situations, general temperament, known health issues and links to breed rescue.

You'll also find articles about basic pet care with links to more information on all sorts of topics. So, thank you for visiting. The site is very new and is being built only in my free time. I am always happy to hear from animal lovers so if you have any comments, suggestions or would like to tell my your own animal tale, then please email me on [email protected].

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