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From the noble and intelligent German Shepherd to the personality packed Jack Russell, magnificent Great Danes to pocket-size Chiuahua there must surely be a dog breed, type and personality to suit every person on the planet.

The origins of the relationship between dog and man are believed to have started with the grey wolf. Who can forget Kevin Costner's slow courtship of the wolf in the Dances with Wolves movie?

I would imagine a more likely scenario is that of men 'adopting' wolf pups and domesticating them in the camp. Being highly social animals, without their natural pack around them, the young wolves would eventually accept their place among the humans in their lives.

However the original domestication was achieved dogs today retain their need for a social hierarchy. Being part of the family pack and knowing their place within it is essential for a dogs well being.

A few breeds, like Anatolian Shepherds, have been bred specifically for their self-sufficiency, loners who are content to guard stock far from the camp, but most dogs appreciate being close to their owners.





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