Training a Cat

Hmm.. well who would want to? Part of the beauty of cats is their independance, right?

I have always had indoor/outdoor cats and have never had a problem with toilet training. When the kitten was too small to go out, they seem naturally to prefer a litter-box to the carpet or sofa. However, if your cat has an issue with where to do a poo, you will have some work to do to get him to accept your rules.

What about scratching up the furniture? This is something I have had problems with. If your fluffy little Fifi is clawing up your new burnished Chesterfield and your choices are get rid of the cat, declaw it or train it out of the bad habit, then you are going to want to do the training, right?

Are there places in your house you'd rather the cat not consider his bed? What can you do to establish the ground-rules?

Maine Coons Gentle Giants

As well as being very handsome, the Maine Coons are a hardy, low maintenance breed.

Scottish Folds

The Scottish Fold is a very unique and delightful cat with a sweet temperament very similar to the British and are often described as being hardy, good-natured, calm affable, loyal...