Cat Breeds - Maine Coon

The Maine Coon got its name from an old story that claimed the breed originated from the mating of a tabby and a racoon. Of course, there is no truth to that legend but with its bushy tail and ability to survive harsh outdoor conditions it is not hard to see where the idea came from.

Another legend surrounding the origins of this large, handsome breed is that of doestic tabbies mating with the American bobtail cat. In both cases, though the stories lend an interesting edge to the breed lore, such a crossing would be genetically impossible.

The Maine Coon's closest feline cousin is the Norwegian Forest Cat. Both developed in the harshest of climates and have many characteristics in common but most significantly both breeds developed naturally. There has been no selective breeding involved in the Maine Coon's bushy tail, soft voice or characteristicly low maintenance coat.


Maine Coons Gentle Giants

As well as being very handsome, the Maine Coons are a hardy, low maintenance breed.

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