The Morgan - An American original

The handsome Morgan is not only very easy on the eye but an easy keeper too. With a willing spirit and active nature, the Morgan is extremely versatile and is as much at home as a family trail horse as he is driving, jumping or in the showring.

The origins of the Morgan can be traced quite precisely to a stallion named Figure owned by Justin Morgan in Massachusetts in the 1790's. Justin Morgan was a schoolteacher and he was probably quite gratified that the small bay horse he had accepted as part payment of a debt soon became a favourite of the local settlers.

Though Figure's sire is known to be a Thoroughbred, less is known about his dam. What is known is that the original Morgan influenced the development of several of America's most loved breeds: the Quarterhorse, Standardbred and American Saddlebred all owe something to the line.

Figure worked non-stop hauling logs and ploughing fields but also won the hearts of the community because he won every race and hauling contest he was ever entered into.

Not surprisingly Justin Morgan's horse as Figure became known was one which the settlers admired. He was called to stud many times and through his three fine colts the foundation of the Morgan breed was set.

Because of their beauty, temperament, veratility and endurance, today you will find Morgans all over the world. You will find them in every disipline and as family friends. It is said that once you've owned your own Morgan, you will never be without one.


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