Bouvier des Flandres

Resembling a cross between a rumpled sofa and a sheepskin rug, the Bouvier Des Flandres is large and impressive. Devoted and calm, the Bouvier makes a wonderful family dog but if not well trained and socialised it can become aggressive and destructive.

This breed is good with children but being by nature protective of their charges it is important that these dogs are socialised well so that your child's playmates are not mistaken for marauders. Also though good natured generally calm dogs, a mature Bouvier has his own opinion on everything! If you do not take basic obedience and early training seriously, it is the Bouvier who will rule your household.

Bouviers crave companionship. They truly need to be part of the family and do not do well as yard dogs. Buy a Bouvie and you are guaranteed a large, hairy shadow wherever you may go.

As breeds go, Bouviers are expensive to buy. At maturity they are large dogs with large appetites and to maintain good health they need good quality food. Though generally healthy hip dysplasia and bloat are two diseases that do affect the breed. Over it's lifetime buying, feeding, vetinary care and kenneling on holidays are going to run into significant amounts of money.

A well groomed Bouvier is a thing of beauty all the more so because those moments of glossy perfection are fleeting. Their long double coats are mud magnets. A simple stroll through the park may result in you spending the rest of the night picking burrs out of your best friend's furry belly. Their whiskery faces are perfect for mopping up any accidental spills in the kitchen as their Dutch monniker "Vuilbaard" meaning "Dirty Beard" describes..

The hair on the dog is one thing but tumbleweeds floating through your parlour may be another. And something about that coat guarantees that after the briefest of exposure to the tiniest drop of water, your dog has morphed into a great, soggy sponge leaking muddy water all over your carpet. Atmospheric polution may be of concern as Bouvies are renowned for their uhm... windiness.

So if the thought of a huge, farting, muddy, hairy eating machine turns you off a Bouvier may not be the dog for you.

If you want a calm, gentle, loyal companion, proud and intelligent, are willing to train and socialise, are aware that as a large dog the Bouvie wil require a committment to exercise and significant financial outlay on food and vetinary care over it's life time then the Bouvier Des Flandres may be just what you are looking for.

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