Cat Breeds - Beautiful Bengal

Fancy a cat that likes water? That has a sparkling, affectionate, playful nature and yet has an exotic tinge of wild blood in its ancestory?

The Bengal originated in the US in the 1960's, the result of crossing Asian leopard cats with domestic felines. Medium to large in size, agile, graceful and strong, the Bengal is an outstabdingly beautiful creature.

It's striking coat may come in one of two patterns - rosette or marbled and in a wide variety of colours, from the brown tabby to the stunning silver point lynx. Some Bengals even have a unique 'glitter' effect, a shimmer to their coat created by a hollow hair shaft which catches and reflects light.

So what are these cats like to live with? Perhaps echoing its wild side, the Bengal is noted for its intelligence and curiosity though its nature is softened by the friendliness of its domestic forebears.

It is not unusual for Bengals to enjoy water, in fact for some a running tap is a magnetic attraction. The bengal's general love of water is so pronounced that some owners even provide shallow pools for their Bengals to romp in.

Vocal and social, the Bengal is not a cat to be ignored. He is rarely aloof and his love of heights, playtime and attention demand that if you are considering a Bengal you must be prepared for a full-time, furry companion.



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