Give an Old Dog a New Home

dog in shelterIf you are looking for a dog, finding it at a local animal shelter is an optimal solution. An otherwise condemned pet gets a second chance, while you have the opportunity to find a perfect new addition to your life. Let’s look at the reasons adopting a dog from an animal rescue program or shelter is such a wonderful decision.

We cannot overlook the humanitarian value of adopting a pet. Nearly seven million dogs and cats are put to death each year in shelters. Overpopulation, original owner irresponsibility and other circumstances condemn thousands of great dogs every day. Adopting a shelter dog gives you the perfect opportunity to do the right thing.

Additionally, many humane societies and animal shelters provide assistance and services your local “big box” pet retailer won’t. This could include everything from help in choosing the right dog to meet your situations and expectations to hints and education to help you become a great dog owner.

Pet rescues and shelters also offer an amazing selection of dogs. If you have your heart set on a friendly and adorable mixed breed, you’ll undoubtedly find one. Many people, however, are surprised to learn that almost a third of the dogs in shelters are purebred animals. Specialized shelters cater to some of the most popular breeds. No matter what kind of dog you want, a pet shelter can help.

Shelters aren’t some kind of holding area for “bad dogs.” The dogs you’ll find at your local humane shelter are just as capable as being the loving and friendly pet for which you have been looking as any dog you might find for sale elsewhere. These dogs are sheltered due to circumstances beyond their control. You can own the perfect pet by giving a dog a new home. Before you buy elsewhere, investigate local animal shelters to find your new dog.



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