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Dog Training

Depending on what you expect of your pooch you might train it in the basics of being a good citizen, outside to go potty, sit, stay, heel and be happy that you have a biddable pet.

Or you may look on training your dog as one of the pleasures of the time you have together. Learning new things together may be one of the ways you bond and whatever the old adage says - it is not true - you can teach old dogs new tricks.

The variety of methods and tools used in dog training are the subjects of massive debate and there is no rule that says you must stick to one method of training. Indeed there are many areas of cross-over amongst all the methods below.

Here are some of the buzz words you might come across when reaching dog training with some links to relevant and helpful sites.


Nothing in Life is Free - is a programme that humanely establishes the dog in his correct position in the pack heirarchy - lower than all humans in the household. Using cues that the dog instinctively understands NILIF requires that your dog offers you an action or behaviour in return for a benefit.


If you have a disobedient, nervous or pushy dog, chances are he thinks he is top dog - or alpha dog in your pack. Regain control by establishing that you are alpha.

Becoming Alpha

Puppy Training Books

There are some excellent puppy training books available. Having made the decision to focus on positive training techniques with your puppy it makes sense to find a puppy training manual that does the same. The books on this page have all been slecected for their positive approach.




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