One question that I often receive by email or on the Four Legged Friends Forum is which books I'd recommend for dog owners. The selection below are all specific to puppies, choosing the right puppy, preparing for your puppy, training, socialising and living with your puppy. All have been selected and recommended for their focus on positive training techniques.

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Housebreaking, seperation anxiety, mouthing, chewing, jumping, calming signals - this classic, best-selling puppy manual co-authored by a trainer/behaviourist and a veterinarian is highly recommended for anyone introducing a puppy to their pack.

Another excellent book from the Monks of New Skete covering the decision to adopt a puppy, the right breed for you, puppy care and training and problem solving, written in an affectionate and sympathetic style.

This is a deeply satisfying book written by Dr. Ian Dunbar, the pioneer of positive, preventative puppy training. It covers everything you need to know from before bringing your furry bundle home to detailed and specific positive training. and preventing predictable adoloscent behaviour problems. A must read!

Think that cute puppy you brought home was actually Cujo in disguise? Think he is so out of control that he may actually be ... rabid! Relax. This is the book for you. Entertaining and full of common sense, positive tips and training techniques to turn Cujo back into Cuddles.


Dogwise have many more puppy books than I have listed here. Browse their full selection of puppy books






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