Belgian Shepherd TervurenThe Tervuren is one of three Belgian shepherd breeds, all from the same lineage that also fostered the Bouvier des Flandres and the Dutch Sheherd: the Turveren, Groenendaal and Laekinois.

From early in the history of these shepherds less emphasis was placed on their ability to herd sheep than in the promotion of the traits that a good sheepdog should possess - intelligence, obedience and loyalty.

These qualities have ensured that the Tervuren has served many roles in its partnership with humans. The breed is used in the police service, in the miltary, search and rescue, as therapy dogs, as a guide for the blind or deaf and among many other important duties as a loyal and beloved family pet.

Though this breed is usually good with children the kids do need to respect that he is not a plaything. Careful socialisation with children, other dogs and small animals like smaller dog breeds, cats and rabbits is highly recommended.

The breed is expected to be happy, stable, non-aggressive with humans or dogs but still to be a guardian and protector.

Though every dog is different with the Tervs you will most often find that the males are very people-oriented. They can become singularly attached to their people and give the impression that they would do anything for you.

The females though still affectionate and loyal companions tend to be more independant-minded.

Physically the Tervuren is an impressive creature. Though at a maximum height in males of 26 inches (females 24 inches) still it has a dignity and poise that make it stand out in any room.This is usually a healthy and long lived breed with an average life expectancy of 14 years.

The coat is thick, medium length and double-layered with short hair on the back of the ears, on the legs and on the head.


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