• group of dogs and cats

    #Hostgatordown Left Us in the Dark

    Hey, you’re back! What a relief. The lights went out for hours yesterday and we were all alone…in the dark. At first we were like, “Where’d they go?” Someone said […]

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  • Alaskan Malamute mom and pup

    The Alaskan Malamute

    Power and Beauty Strikingly beautiful and incredibly powerful, the Malamute is an impressive creature. Given that they were originally bred by the Innuit to haul sleds through extreme Arctic conditions, […]

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  • Scottish Fold

    Cat Breeds – Scottish Fold

    The Scottish Fold is a very unique and delightful cat with a sweet temperament very similar to the British and are often described as being hardy, good-natured, calm affable, loyal, intelligent, reserved, prosaic, stolid, loving, …

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The Dog House

German Shepherd with Pup

Dog Breeds – German Shepherd

The German Shepherd Dog (Alsatian or Schafer(hund)) is an intelligent breed of dog. Because they are eager to please, they are easily trained in obedience and protection. The German Shepherd Dog is a large, strong, substantial-looking dog.

Cat-egories (you see what we did there?)

The Latest Posts and Horsing Around

Chicago “Court Case” Dog’s Search for a Forever Home Continues

Rescue Dog Coco Wants a Forever Home

Sweet Coco Puff, the pit bull mix, is looking for a forever family in the Chicago area. Her four puppies have already been rehomed and now it is her turn. She is currently living with a foster family where she is doing great with basic training, loves skateboarding with her foster dad and plays well with her foster siblings.