Dog Breeds

The Kennel Clubs of different countries each record a different number of dog breeds. The Kennel Club (UK) recognises 203 different breeds in seven classes.

The American Kennel Club recognises 150 breeds in seven classes with an extra 'Miscellaneous Class' for those breeds which are in an interim stage of breed recognition. A further category called Foundation Stock Service Breeds catalogues those breeds which are of pure stock but not yet registerable by the KFC.

The best way to find your ideal purebred dog is to read everyhting you can on the breeds you prefer. You will be able to narrow down your selection according to the amount of exercise the breed type requires, it's suitability for the type of accommodation you live in, it's stablity with children and other animals and other factors relating to your own lifestyle.

When you have settled on a specific breed, your next step should be to find a reputable breeder. Don't be surprised if the breeder asks you a long list of questions before agreeing to sell you a puppy. In fact, any good breeder will do that to ensure his precious pups will be going to a good home.

Designer Dogs

While it beggars belief that people would choose to pay extortionate prices for 'designer dogs' when they could drop by any shelter and pick up a Labradoodle, Borador or YorkieTzu for free this has become quite a craze.

The breeders of these mixed breeds dogs may claim that they are combining the best elements of two breeds to produce a superior quality dog, but I would be sceptical of this higher motivation.

Mongrels and Mutts

There is nothing wrong with a cross-breed. Even a mutt whose lineage is so lost in the mix of traits and body type of a hundred different ancestors can be a fine dog. You'll find a heartbreaking choice of dog shapes, sizes and personalities in any dog shelter anywhere in the world.


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