What Happens To Your Dog If You Die First?

Louise Williams(not the lady in the picture) was neither very old nor in ill-health. Not that it made any difference. The car that hit her killed her anyway.

Still a young woman, Louise probably gave more thought to how she would cope if one of her two dogs died, than to what would happen to them if she went first. Sadly, she had moved abroad after a bitter divorce and had no family to step in and take over the full-time care of Chester and Charlie.

Louise had had some friends though and at first they tried to help. The two dogs were passed pillar to post for a while and Chester ended up at a shelter. Charlie had found a new forever home. Until, that is, he ran away.

Perhaps trying to find Louise, Charlie made for home. On the same stretch of road where Louise died, Charlie too was hit by a car.

Sad story isn't it. Louise would have been horrified to know what happened to her dogs after her death. So, have you given any thought as to what will happen to yours ...

Goodbye My Friend

You took such great care of me, were always by my side,
Now the time has come to face the fear I’ve tried so hard to hide.
Your eyes are dim, your walk is stiff, overnight you’ve got so grey,
I wish we had forever, but life is not meant to be that way.

I want you to know I loved you and I know that you loved me,
In my heart we’ll always run through fields, the way it used to be,
We’d never have to face a day as terrible as this,
I know the time is coming for that last touch, that last kiss.

Your kindness and your courage have ensured I will not be alone,
You made all the arrangements for me to have a loving home,
You knew you were very ill and that your journey was drawing to an end,
Your final breath will break my heart, my heart human, my best friend.


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