Rescue an Arabian

With pure bred Arabians selling for many thousands of dollars and even stud fees topping $2,000 owning a true Arabian will never be more than a dream for many.

Nonetheless you might be surprised at the number of straight line Arabians that are to be found in horse rescues. Through no fault of their own these beautiful creatures have been abandoned, neglected, abused or saved from sure slaughter at auction lots.

In taking on a rescued horse you are also taking on the burden of the horse's past. Although every responsible rescue facility will work to rehabilitate a horse before adopting out, the horse may have physical injuries which preclude much riding or a less trusting nature because of the trauma they have already endured. Bearing this in mind, you will still be astonished at the number of fully sound and stunning Arabians waiting for adoption across the world.

A horse rescue will always do its best to ensure that the adopting home fits the particular needs of their precious charges and will also check to be sure that the adopter has the necessary skill set to handle that particular horse.

There will always be an adoption fee to pay of course - how could these worthy facilities manage to carry on their good work without covering costs? - but if your heart is set on a beautiful Arabian to grace your paddock as a companion horse or as a trailing or competition buddy, please do consider researching the rescues in your area.

All the pictures on this page are of Arabian horses that are (or were) up for adoption through the captioned horse rescues. Thanks to them for their permission to tell a little of their stories.

Arabian mare Cerissa, sound and an easy keeper. Good choice for show, pleasure or breeding.
The Epona Project




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