The Cat from Nowhere

Cat from nowhereMeet Kenzie. She’s the cat from nowhere. There are two local ladies who do a great job of feeding the feral cats. They participate in a trap, neuter, release program too but when they found this cat as a little scruffy and starving kitten, she was obviously not part of a feral family.

As cat lady, Anne, was walking past a car she heard what sounded like a kitten in some distress. looking underneath she spied a little grey scrap huddled against the back wheel. As soon as the kitten saw her it started to yell in a very loud voice for such a tiny mite. It was no trouble to catch the kitten because also unlike the ferals, this little kit wanted to be picked up.

Soon after the kitten had been taken to a vet who had spayed her and given her a multi-vitamin shots plus vaccines, she was at the house of the second cat lady to recover from surgery. Normally after a short recovery period the ferals would be returned to the territory where they were picked up. But cat lady Barbra who was taking care of this kitten, did not feel good about putting it back where it was found. The kitten had not been thriving out there and she seemed so in need of attention and love.

Blue-eyed, white catThat is where I came in. Cat lady Anne came by the house and mentioned the little kitten and that she needed a foster home until a permanent one could be found. As I have a big dog and two other cats already Anne wasn’t really suggesting I take her but in a moment of madness that is exactly what I did.

Barbra turned up later that day with a little grey tabby in a cat box. I had the bathroom set up already. In order to keep her separate from the others for a few days I made her a comfortable bed and plenty of food and water in there. Barbra said the little kitten had the sweetest temperament; it was a mystery how she ended up on the street.

Later sitting with the kitten in the bathroom, I noticed that ringing her nose and eyes, was a line of bright white. It really stood out against the soft grey of her coat. It was an unusual color marking but very pretty. I got a bowl of lukewarm water and a cotton pad, and gave her face a wipe. To my surprise the grey came off on the pad. I got a bigger bowl and gave her a proper wash. The result is the white fluff ball that you see today.

From then on, the little kitten had a name. She was Muckenzie in honor of the dirty little thing she’d once been but Kenzie as we now call her, had another surprise in store for me.

She was exceptionally affectionate. If anyone walked into the bathroom, she’d jump to her feet and start screaming loudly to be picked up. This was gratifying but far more needy behavior than I had ever seen in any cat I have had in the past – even the most affectionate. Eventually I noticed that she only did this if she was facing me when I came into the room. It took me a couple of day to get it but I eventually understood. she is deaf as a post. Although I had known before that this is not uncommon in blue-eyed, white cats, it just had not occurred to me.

What a scary world it must have been for her out there. and no wonder she was so happy to be found. of course, all thought of fostering went out the window as soon as Barbra brought her in. Kenzie, the cat from nowhere, has a forever home.