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Siamese kittenOrigin of Siamese Cats.

Siamese Cats are wonderful creatures and probably one of the most well known breeds of pedigree cats. They are widely thought to have originated from the country Siam (Thailand), and were owned by their Royal Family. First imported from Siam into the UK in 1884 by Mr Owen Gould, this was the beginning of the Siamese Cat Breed as we know it today with selective breeding spreading from the UK all around the world. Well over a century has gone by and the look of the Siamese has changed but the nature and intelligence of these cats has changed very little.

Siamese Cats have been owned by many famous people in modern history such as Harold Wilson the British Prime Minister, Theodore Roosevelt the US President and James Dean famous Actor. They have also appeared in the famous Disney film Lady and the Tramp. The Siamese Cats, Si and Am, were portrayed as nasty and mean in the film and this is a misconception that many people still hold today. This is not the case, Siamese Cats are very friendly and affectionate.

So what do Siamese Cats look like?

Seal Point Siamese

Seal Point Siamese

Siamese Cats are a long graceful elegant shorthaired cat that come in a variety of colours but the most common are probably Seal Point, Chocolate Point, Blue Point and Lilac Point.

They are what is called a pointed cat which means that the face, ears, tail and legs (their points) are the only place on the cat that colour appears whilst the rest of their body is a cream colour. There are also six other colours of Siamese that are less well known and they are Caramel Point, Cinnamon Point, Fawn Point and the ‘red series’ of Red Point, Apricot Point and Cream Point.


Tabby Point Siamese Cat

Tabby Point Siamese Cat


Two other varieties of Siamese Cats are Tabby Point and Tortie Point, both Tabby and Tortie Point come in the variety of colours already listed with the exclusion of the ‘red series’ in Tortie Points.




All Siamese Cats have blue eyes and historically many of them were cross eyed though this is now deemed undesirable by breeders and so for the most part has been bred out. This also applies to kinked tails, in the past a kinked tail was very common in a Siamese Cat but has now been bred out of the breed by selective breeding.

Traditional Siamese

Traditional Siamese

There are two distinct types of Siamese, one is the Old Style or Traditional Style Siamese which is a more old fashioned style and to be honest this is the style that most people have in their minds eye when remembering a Siamese.

Modern Siamese Cat

Modern Siamese

The other type of Siamese is Modern Style which is the type favoured by cat breeders and cat show judges, because of this preference you will find this is most likely the style you will find if looking to find a Siamese Cat as a pet.


As you will see in the photos the Traditional Style is more moderate as far as type is concerned and the Modern Style is what is referred to as being more extreme. Extreme type means more exaggerated such as bigger ears and longer face, it should be noted that there are no associated health issues with the more extreme type and it is purely down to personal preference when choosing your pet. Stringent breeding policies are in force from most cat registries, in the UK the main feline registration body is the GCCF which is the feline equivalent of the Kennel Club.

Is a Siamese Cat Right For You?

Siamese Cats are very intelligent in fact some might say they are in fact very dog like. They are very loving and demand attention loving to play fetch and run around the house. Siamese Cats are extremely active and make ideal pets for the family who want as much interaction as possible with their pet.

Siamese Cats are not a solitary creature and very much enjoy both human and feline company. I find that they thrive best in pairs or if not with another Siamese then perhaps and Oriental or a Burmese Cat as a friend. If your house is going to empty during the day while you are at work then company is a must. Imagine leaving a puppy at home on his own all day while you are at work and the mischief he is going to get up to as entertainment to relieve the boredom, well this is what you will get with a Siamese if left alone without company.

Siamese are also very, very vocal! Now this can be a very endearing nature or can in fact be a very annoying trait, it all depends what you want in a pet.

If you want a pet cat that is self sufficient, does not need any interaction or stimulation, sleeps a lot and is very laid back then perhaps a Siamese is not for you.

If however you want a highly intelligent and entertaining pet that demands your attention and wants to interact with you and your family then a Siamese Cat is absolutely ideal!

So what do you think, are Siamese Cats for you??


Bio – Ross Davies is a breeder of Siamese Cats and Kittens and is based in the UK. He is also a regular author and photographer for the popular website Siamese Cat Breeder.