Scottish Fold Breed Rescue

Scottish Fold Breed rescueFor those besotted by the look or character of the Scottish Fold breed it may be hard to believe but there are sometimes cats available for rehoming or adoption through Scottish Fold rescue organizations.

For whatever reason cats come through various animal shelters and if they are recognised as Scottish Fold, the Scottish Fold Rescue alliance will be alerted and the cats will be listed on their ‘available for adoption’ page.

Adopting a pure bred cat from a breed specific rescue should not be seen as a less expensive way to obtain a pedigreed cat. Often these babies have been traumatized in some way and are in need of a lot of  patience and TLC. They will rarely come with pedigree papers and will always be spayed or neutered.

In many cases adoption fees will be required. These will vary depending on the shelter that is housing the cat.


Scottish Fold Rescue Alliance – inclding a list of Scottish Fold cats available for adoption by state.

Scottish Fold Rescue Me – including an interactive map, showing cats available for adoption per state.

More references to Scottish Fold rescue organizations would be welcome. Please contact me with any information you would like to see added to this site.