Prep for a New Pup

Prepare for a new puppy







Preparing for a New Puppy

Okay, you’ve done your homework. You’ve read up and know exactly the type of dog to suit you and your family. You know the size and temperament and even whether a male of female pup would be a better companion for you. You’ve visited several breeders and picked your new four legged friend from the litter and it is now time to take your healthy puppy home.

Your Puppy Prep List

When parents find out they are going to have a child they make all sorts of preparations. A room is set aside and possibly the walls are covered with an appropriate wallpaper or paint, a supply of formula fills the pantry, baby bottles and diapers are purchased in huge quantities, toys and pacifiers are picked out, the baby’s doctor is selected, etc. You need to make the same preparations for the puppy, and think about the equipment you’ll need, the car ride home, and the puppy’s activities, feeding, and health care check-up.

Puppy Equipment

  • A dog crate or pen: your puppy is going to need a room or at least a place it can call its own and a cage or crate will fill this bill. You are better off getting one that’s big enough for him to use as an adult.
  • Food and water bowls: otherwise things are gonna get mighty messy!
  • Good quality puppy food.
  • Toys and chews: like human babies, puppies go through the teething process. Having chews and toys available helps a lot. These items are also useful when training.
  •  Training pads.
  • Puppy wormer and flea prevention.

When it comes to feeding your new puppy, the breeder will advise you of the pup’s current diet. In the longterm you are better to pay for a premium dog food. These have less filler (like corn and meat by-products) and the high quality ingredients make for better health and development. Many breeders send the pup off to a new home with a supply of food. If you choose to change to a different brand, do so gradually so as not to upset the pup’s sensitive tummy.

It is likely that the breeder or shelter has started the puppy vaccinations and also given some anti-parasitical treatments for roundworm, tapeworm, heartworm .  A puppy with intestinal parasites will fail to thrive so regular treatments should be continued and the same with preventative collar, sprays or drops for fleas and ticks.  When purchasing these items, be sure that you are buying an anti-parasite treatment that is formulated for puppies.

Here is a selection of Puppy Products you can order in advance of your pups arrival. No harm in being well prepared for the little piranha, is there!