Labrador Retriever Training: Strategies For Obedience Training

Labs are Intelligent and Energetic

With any pure bred or mixed race pup, early socialization and training pays off in leaps and bounds throughout the life of the dog. Labrador Retrievers are no different. In fact, given their intelligence and drive, obedience training and lots of exercise are essential – whether  your lab is pet or a working dog.

Get started with proper socialization

Socialization has to be accomplished before doing anything else. It serves as your foundation to your dog become a remarkable pet and a pleasing companion. Thus, start early with your socialization routines.  Also, establish some reasonable house rules or boundaries and limitations; in this way, behavior problems can be easily avoided. Always keep watch of your labrador’s behaviors and responses, especially when mingling with other people and pets.

Consider that socialization is your pup’s introduction to the world.  A confident and stable character starts with early socialization.

Make your training sessions short, enjoyable and productive.

Labrador Retriever training and ownershipSeeing how hyperactive labrador retrievers can get, it’s essential that you learn to make the most of its exuberance and eagerness to be trained. You have to come up with fun labrador retriever training activities in order that boredom can be avoided. Be as creative and ingenious as you can. Make it a point that you don’t do long training sessions.

Be clear and consistent.

It’s important that you make it obvious what you want from your dog or what you want him to do.  Of course, this can be undertaken effectively by being consistent and disciplined in your dog training routines. Always remember that consistent practice is the key; repetition of commands and actions is necessary. Because while it’s true that labrador retrievers are naturally smart and responsive to training, they also need constant reminders and proper guidance. Also, see to it that your commands are distinct and concise.

Be a responsible and meticulous pack leader.

Your labrador is unlikely to pay attention to you if he doesn’t respect you. To earn his respect you must be firm but fair in your commands, showing both determination and patience.

Integrate the best kinds of tools and procedures.

Please note that dog training need not be tough, tedious and tricky. There are lots of ways to teach different obedience commands without having to coerce or be violent on your dog. Instead, use the aid of positive reinforcements. Praise and rewards like food treats or goodies work well when it comes to motivating any breed of dog. Through this, your labrador will learn to enjoy his training and will always enjoy spending some quality time with you.