#Hostgatordown Left Us in the Dark

group of dogs and cats

Hey, you’re back!


What a relief. The lights went out for hours yesterday and we were all alone…in the dark.

At first we were like, “Where’d they go?”


Someone said that Hostgator had fried a server. That sounded weird. There was a lot of shouting going on over at Twitter because so many webmasters had lost their sites. No-one knew when we would get back online. And far as we know some people still are not.

Some of us were so scared.

And some of us were sad.

dc-chi-sadThe cats were like…”Meh.”


And the mice and rodents just thought it was funny.




So we are real glad to see you and we are happy Hostgator got their uh … poo… together. We’d just like to ask them to please – don’t do that again. It’s too lonely in here without y’all.