Feral Cat Burglars Overrun Quedgeley


Breaking news from the This is Gloucester website covers a gang of cat burglars which are terrorizing the village of Quedgeley.


“A GANG of feral and stray cats desperate for food is making its way into people’s homes in Quedgeley and causing a nuisance. People have become so concerned by the “cat burglars”, thought to number around 30, that they have even contacted Quedgeley Parish Council to find out what can be done.[…]

With winter looming, hopefully those of the stray cat population in Quedgeley that have homes to go to will soon find their way back to their families. Tracey Hergest, from New Start Cat Rescue, which is based in Newent, advised: “There is a huge problem in Quedgeley for some reason. If people see a cat and they are able to catch it, they can contact a vet to see if it has been microchipped and then it can be returned to its owner.”