Dogs and Fireworks – Keep Your Dog Safe on 4th July

Dogs and Fireworks Don’t Mix!

According to the Arizona Humane Society more pets run away on July 4th than any other day of the year. In fact, July 5th and 6th is probably one of the busiest days of the year for the AHS and other shelters across the country.
The loud fireworks and Independence Day celebrations can scare a dog or cat into running away or jumping the fence, out into the busy streets and extreme summer heat. It is an annual  recipe for disaster that can be avoided if you take a few steps towards keeping your four legged friends safe and contained.

Safety Tips

  • Don’t take your dog to any outdoor event that is going to include fireworks – even if he has been calm and cool about the big bangs, pops and sizzles in years gone by, there is no guarantee that he will not panic and bolt this year.
  • If you have a back room where you can let your pet relax in relative quiet, close him in there, making sure windows are secure, and that doors and windows are secure. At the same time make sure the room is ventilated of course and a tv or radio playing in the background may help keep him calm.
  • If your dog or cat wants to hide under the bed or stay in his crate or hide in a cupboard – so be it. Let him. He feels safer under there and is following his natural inclinations to go to ground.
  • Don’t baby, cajole or cuddle the dog. You have to appear to ignore the fireworks and noise. If the dog sees the commotion is no big deal to you and that you are not scared, that will help him stay calm. You cooing and cuddling him through this crisis would reinforce his fears.

Dogs and Fireworks – Anxiety Relief

A calming diffuser like Comfort Zone may help take the edge off as its releases a natural pheromone which is normally given off by female dogs when they are nursing. Alternatively and in extreme cases, your vet may prescribe a calming medication.


Anxiety relief for dogsComfort Zone With D.A.P.  calms dogs during thunderstorms and fireworks or when left home alone. D.A.P. mimics a natural reassuring pheromone produced by female dogs when nursing.
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