Dog Halloween Ideas

dog halloween ideas

Get your pooches into the spirit!

There are people who shudder at the very thought of finnagling their dogs into any kind of costume. Then there are those who pounce upon any excuse to dress up their poodles and puglets like a sausage dog on a… well .. a sausage. If it looks like rain – booties. A bit too bright – sunglasses. Then comes Halloween. Every doggy-dresser-upper’s dream come true.

Puppy superman costumeThe dogs seem to have different opinions on the subject too. Our little Krypton-mite to the left here looks quite happy to be sporting his superman costume. So do some of the pups that showed up at the annual Halloween Dog Parade and Costume Contest in Tompkins Square Park, New York this year.

Little Frida, who went asLady Liberty, looked as if she was very proud of her costume. Bella Mia would not look out of place prancing about at a baby beauty pageant.

There is however a flip-side. If you ever feel tempted to go hell leather on your pooch at Halloween, take a look at poor, poor Unlucky Bunny at that link and consider yourself warned. I hope dog parent Gary spent a Unhappy dressed up dog.longtime in the dog house for that one.


I mean seriously some puppy costumes are too cute for words but others, like Little Miss Moffat here just make you want to grab their owner by the sideburns and shout What. Were. You. Thinking!

So are you dressing up your dog this year? Are you going for scary or cute?  Either way, here is a great video of dogs trick or treating to get you in the mood.

dc-cat-costume-smallOh … and one last thing.  Cats and costumes? Do not even think about going there. There are some lines that you just do not cross.