Combination Foods For Golden Retrievers

Although you can get commercial food for your Golden Retriever, the ideal way to feed is to use a combination approach of both commercial food and fresh foods. Commercial foods are quite good for your pets. They can contain a balanced amount of nutrients, though this may depend on the source, and they aren’t quite as delicious as fresh food. Vets will tell you that fresh food is good, providing you don’t overdo it. Golden Retrievers can smell fresh food a mile away, and needless to say, they love it. Golden Retrievers will eat good-smelling food.

Most commercial foods will offer your Golden great sources of protein and vitamins, although fresh food may contain these in more natural combinations. Take chicken and meat for example; they contain more protein and minerals than most commercial dog foods. Another food rich in protein is fish. But keep in mind that your dog may need more than those nutrients found in these animal products.

Though dogs can feed themselves to keep healthy, you still have to provide them with the right minerals. Each dog is an individual, meaning that you can’t continue to feed him the same food every day. Different foods daily are just great for Golden Retrievers. Try having a new meal everyday to meet their needs and tastes.

You can give your dog a little bit of everything. This ensures that he’ll get all the he needs with his diet. Make sure to include animal protein in a Golden Retriever’s diet. A Golden Retriever needs this very much. Without animal protein, your dog will find himself struggling to stay healthy. Dog’s nutritional needs are very much different from that of a human’s. Unless your veterinarian says it’s okay, you shouldn’t raise your dog to be a vegetarian.

Proper nutrition is very important in keeping your Golden Retriever healthy. Overeating shouldn’t be allowed, though. If you monitor his diet and know exactly what you are feeding him, he should remain in his weight class. Sometimes this can be hard to help though, especially if your Golden starts to develop allergies to a certain type of food.

Your veterinarian should be the person you consult for questions or problems regarding your Golden Retriever’s diet. Your vet could make some recommendations for you, even tell you the best type of commercial food for your dog. Your dog might have different needs than the others. The right diet goes a long way in keeping your dog in prime health.