Cats and Trees


cat in a tree

Cat in a Tree by Pixabay

Every single time I have ever tried to rescue one of my feline friends from a tree, the cat calmly watches the activity below, ignoring all  calls of “…here kitty, kitty” and “…puss puss puss”.  She waits for her ‘rescuer’ to take a five minute bathroom break then stretches lazily and ambles down the trunk all by herself.

After I stop swearing at ‘that damn cat’ for getting me in such a panic, I have to laugh. Luckily NYPD officer Dane Natto also had a sense of humor after he got stuck up a tree along with the cat he was trying to rescue … and had to be helped down by his brothers from the NYFD. No, really!

 An entire unit of laughing firefighters rescued an NYPD cop who got trapped in a tree yesterday — after the officer climbed up to save a scared cat and couldn’t get back down, officials said. NYPD veteran Dane Natto and his partner responded to frantic 911 calls about  a black and white stray feline in the boughs across from PS 213 in Oakland Gardens, Queens.

In front of a crowd of elementary-school students, Natto climbed the tree — but every time he got close to the cat, it scampered up beyond his reach, witnesses said.

“When the officer went up, the cat moved farther away from the trunk . . . There was no way he could get it,” said a witness, Jeff Yu, 22.

Once Natto was 30 feet in the air, he called off the chase — and yelled to his partner that he couldn’t get back down.

“We looked out the window, and we saw the cop inside the tree — sitting,” said Luna Giuong, 19.

“[His] partner was laughing at him,” she added.

Then Natto’s colleague put out a call for assistance from the FDNY.