Cat Grooming – The Lion Cut

Cat grooming - The Lion CutPretty as Mackenzie ( the cat from nowhere ) is with her  long coat, she struggles to stay clean and well groomed. She has access to the long grass outside and after an afternoon playing at chase-the-pigeons out there, her belly is full of grass seed. Even if she were entirely a house cat though she would not be able to keep herself well groomed.

She was found as a tiny, dirty kitten under a car so there is no way to know if her poor grroming skills are because she was taken from her mother too early or if her long, fine hair is simply unmanageable.  Her bib seems to bother her the most. As she tries to lick it into place the long hair  just gets in the way and prevents her reaching any other part of herself. It doesn’t matter how she pretzels herself into position either. She cannot get to her belly because of that bib.

So here she is after a visit to the groomer and her first Lion Cut.