Cat Hoarder Hides 27 Cats in Bedroom

Cat HoarderShe Sure Kept That Quiet!

This is a strange story and personally, to me, it doesn’t quite add up. In the full article it says that the single story ranch where the family stay was well kept. “The cats inside were contained to the woman’s room – and the smell was not apparent until her bedroom door was opened.”

Hmmm. Okay. If you say so. But while most of the cats I have had have been quite quickly toilet trained, I have one currently who is a bit slow on the uptake. She pees where she feels like at the moment and boy, do I know it. The smell from such a pretty little thing permeates the house.

Another thing that makes me go hmmm is the idea of a number of cats in heat. The caterwauling of a single cat in heat is enough to wake the dead never mind a bunch of them. How did the Dad not hear that?

Anyway, my sympathies go to all involved. The adult daughter who needs counseling, the father who will need counseling now after the shock he got opening that door, and of course all 27 kittens and cats who were perhaps a little undernourished but on the whole were healthy.



Lowell dad finds 27 cats in daughter’s bedroom, more outside the home

“He found 27 cats inside the room, only a handful of them were adults and the rest were kittens. The dad said he knew there were a lot of cats outside the home, but was surprised so many were living in the small bedroom without his knowing.”

If anyone in the Kent County area would like to help out, the humane society is accepting cash donations to help with medical care, vaccinations, spaying and neutering.  The cats will also be going to new homes and some will be available for adoption as early as next week. Call  616-453-8900 for more information and to fill out a homing survey.