Before You Pick Out Your Puppy

Successful preparation for a new puppy starts before you go to pick him up from the breeder or dog shelter. Do you know how you are going to train him and have you got all the necessary supplies? How are you going to handle the drive home and how do you deal with it when the puppy nips the kids?

Start with a good puppy book and read it through before picking up your pooch. It will help you understand what you can reasonably expect from a young pup and set you off on the right foot with puppy training and socialization.

For the cost of a few dollars and a couple of hours of your time you will be much more likely to end up with a family friend that will bring you joy for many years to come.

Before choosing a puppyDr. Ian Dunbar is a veterinarian, animal behaviorist, and writer. His philosophy of positivity and lure/reward training changed the way the world trained dogs and before he introduced puppy classes in the ’80s there were no puppy classes.What Dr. Dunbar does not know about puppies is simply not worth knowing and if you get only one book before you get your puppy get this one!
Another excellent Dr. Dunbar book. This one focusses on the last three developmental deadlines that your puppy needs to meet before he is six months old.This material is covered in the previous book so if you buy Before & After Getting your Puppy you will not need to get this one too.
The Monks of New Skete employ a philosophy of praise, fairness and discipline, set against a background of patience, repetition, and dedication. Their puppy training books and videos are highly recommended to all new puppy parents.
Ideal for new puppy owners, this book covers all the basic training and includes both rewards and ‘positive’ punishment. It is simply written and easy to understand; the kind of book that breeders should hand out to every new owner when they pick their pup out from the litter.
This book includes information about what to buy for your dog (food, chews, toys, crates), games to play with your dog to strengthen the bond, behavior expectations, suggestions to resolve common puppy issues, and what to expect the 1st year.