Animal Rescue

stray-catIt is a horrible reality that in today’s ‘civilized’ society, that such a thing as animal rescue is even necessary. The fact that it is, is illustrated by the numbers of pure breed and general shelters and rescues that can be found all over the world.

Animal shelters can be publicly or privately owned and administrated. In general, government run shelters will take strays in off the street but if homes are not found within a limited period, they will be put to sleep.

Privately owned rescues and re-homing centers are more likely to be no-kill facilities where lost, abandoned and unwanted animals are cared for and fostered until a suitable new home can be found.

You will find links to breed rescues on most of the dog, cat and horse breed pages of this site. Where you can’t, that’s only because I haven’t found any for that breed as yet.

If you know of or run an animal shelter which operates a no kill policy, please feel free to suggest your link via email or post a comment on whichever of the pages best suit your shelter.