Do You Believe in Animal Communication?


With my best friendAt about the same time I bought my first horse, Wizard, I got my first Golden Retriever, Bailey.  We had just started doing agility and, though she was getting over/through the individual obstacles OK, she didn’t seem to grasp the concept that after she completed one obstacle, she had to go on to the other.  I decided to take Bailey with me to a local Pet Fair where there was going to be a seminar on agility.

But before going to the agility booth, we saw a sign for an Animal Communicator.  I was a bit skeptical, but it was free and there wasn’t anyone else waiting to be seen, so we went in.  There were two women there and I said I wondered if Bailey liked agility because she always seemed to stop after doing one obstacle.

Then the first of the two strangest things happened.  While the communicators were concentrating on connecting with Bailey, Bailey suddenly stood up from beside me and walked over to one of the women, put her head in the woman’s lap and then just looked up at her.  Right then, I felt I was seeing a “connection” being made.  Afterwards, the women said that, yes, Bailey did like doing agility, but she didn’t understand what she was supposed to do.

 Bailey got the message

I figured the best way was to show Bailey a real competition so she could see what our goal was.  The next weekend we went to an agility show and I remember taking her to stand in front of every agility run, but Bailey always seemed to be looking somewhere else.  I even tried holding her head to be sure she would focus on watching the dogs running through all the obstacles, but she was more interested in sniffing to see if any of the dogs left her a “pee-mail.”    So I thought it was a great idea that just didn’t work out.

However, at our very next agility training class, the second strangest things happened.  Bailey suddenly “got it!”  She went over one obstacle, then on to the other, then another and did them all.  It was the craziest thing, but ever since then, she understood agility and we went on to get our Novice Agility title.

A few weeks after Bailey’s “light bulb moment,” I was at the barn with Wizard and was relaying my experience with Bailey and the animal communicators to Michael, my trainer and Wizard’s previous long-time owner.  Michael said that he once had an animal communicator check in with Wizard.  The animal communicator told Michael that Wizard like to have little girls ride him.  Since I was far from “little” and no longer a “girl,” I didn’t think too much of it.

The Animal Communicator was Correct!

Many, many y ears later when Wizard was well into his 20’s, I was able to buy a farm where Wizard could be retired and relax.  A friend of mine and I were talking about horses and he told me about his two little girls who just loved horses and really wanted to ride.  Knowing that Wizard was bombproof, I offered to let him bring his girls out to ride Wizard while I led them around.  When I put one of the little girls up on him, he stood there for a moment, twitched his ears back and then started to walk with the slowest, smoothest gait I had ever seen.   Looking at him, I saw that his head was up, his neck was arched and he seemed to be taller.  He looked so happy and walked so carefully.  If you believe such things, I’d say that he knew that he was carrying his favorite passenger, a little girl, and was so very proud to be doing so.

So, yes, I do believe there is such a thing as animal communication.

Kelly O’Neill is owner of a boarding stable for retired show horses.  She has over 20 years of horse care expertise, with extensive experience in the care of the senior horse. Kelly has been a groom for two professional rider/trainers and has assisted in feeding, blanketing, turnout, medications and vet visits at several barns before opening one of her own in 1998. She now writes on her knowledge and love of horses for both fun and as the premiere writer for Classic Equine Equipment.